2022 Candidate – Ventura County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters

Voting has begun. Last day to vote is June 7th.

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Jeff Hargleroad – The Best Choice for County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters

My qualifications for this role include a long tenure as Executive Vice-President of Worldwide Operations at a major movie studio, in addition to a senior-level position at a major telecom company. I’ve supervised numerous departments with over 400 employees and hundreds of contract employees that included both union and non-union personnel.  My annual budgets were generally over two hundred million dollars, and my departmental responsibilities included technology, facilities, administration, real estate, manufacturing, asset and record management as well as general corporate operations. The fiduciary responsibilities and accounting techniques required of a movie studio are unique, requiring careful accounting and attention to detail to accurately track, manage and report on physical and intangible intellectual property and assets.

One of the most impactful departments that I managed was Change Management, an internal consulting group that evaluated processes, gathered data, performed analytics, assessed IT systems and internal controls, and performed organizational reviews that developed and implemented successful business transformation plans. These initiatives were integral to improving efficiencies, increasing revenue, decreasing costs, aligning personnel and the organization for optimal efficiency, and preparing an organization for evolving business environments. All of these experiences have prepared me for the responsibilities and high-level customer service that is required by the office of Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Voters.

Prior to my studio management experience, I earned my CPA with a decade of service with one of the “Big 4” CPA firms, where I planned, executed and managed the audits of sophisticated public clients, involving procedural testing and internal control evaluations. The totality of my professional experience uniquely identifies and qualifies me for the office of County Recorder and Registrar of Voters and is directly relevant and transferable to the office.

While working at the Studios, I began farming our commercial lemon and avocado orchard, where I have managed the operations, finances and successful growth for over 25 years, and I am still actively involved in the care and maintenance of the entire operation, irrigating, chipping and more.
This combination of sophisticated business management experience, with direct involvement with one of the most important industries in Ventura County, makes me your best candidate for Ventura County Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Voters.

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Why is the County Clerk Position Important?

This position is vital as it impacts all residents of Ventura County. While managing vital records and recording important documents, this office’s most critical responsibility is the management, administration and security of our elections. Selecting our representatives for County, State and Federal office is the foundation of our democracy.

Restoring Confidence in our Elections!

The words voter suppression and election integrity are phrases used more and more in the news. Recent polls indicate the majority of voters across the political spectrum believe that the election process requires improvement. I intend to focus on the evaluation of voting processes to identify weaknesses and implement improvements that will ensure confidence in our voting results. The election process will ensure voters are confident in their vote and that the results are unimpeachable.

About Jeff

Ventura County has been my home for over 35 years. My childhood was spent growing up in the San Fernando Valley, however, I spent my summers on family farms in Nebraska.  I’ve always loved the rural lifestyle and Ventura is the perfect fit.

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We need your help to restore confidence in the voting process and have unimpeachable election results in Ventura County. Please contribute what you can to ensure our victory in this election.

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